Automatically Generate Documentation with Sphinx

Posted by Jack McKew on Mon 03 February 2020 in Python • Tagged with python • 5 min read

Document code automatically through docstrings with Sphinx

This post goes into how to generate documentation for your python projects automatically with Sphinx!

First off we have to install sphinx into our virtual environment. Pending on your flavour, we can do any of the following

pip install sphinx …

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Migrating from Wordpress to Pelican

Posted by Jack McKew on Fri 20 December 2019 in Software Development • Tagged with python • 5 min read

For some time now I have been wanting to move away from Wordpress, due to my specific case of wanting to embed custom HTML and JavaScript code snippets to enable interactive data visualisation. Furthermore my previous workflow of posts was disjointed in which I would develop the code in a …

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Making Executables Installable with Inno Setup

Posted by Jack McKew on Fri 08 November 2019 in Software Development • Tagged with python • 1 min read

Following on from last week's post on making executable GUIs with Gooey, this post will cover how to make the executables we have packaged up into installable files so our users can run them easily.

Once we have created the executable file for our GUI (which will be located in …

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What is MongoDB?

Posted by Jack McKew on Fri 03 May 2019 in Software Development • Tagged with database, mongodb • 3 min read

Recently after looking for a different flavour of database apart from MySQL (which is what I am personally use to), I had always heard about MongoDB. So after some investigation, I found that MongoDB has a platform MongoDB University to familiarize yourself with their product.

I completed their very first …

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Episode 12 - What is Git?

Posted by Jack McKew on Fri 08 February 2019 in Software Development • Tagged with software, git • 2 min read

One of the biggest issues when working on any project regardless of what industry, discipline or context, as soon as a new 'version' of design or update comes along, the issue of version control appears. When this change(s) come along in the life cycle of a project, it is …

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Episode 6 - Containerization

Posted by Jack McKew on Fri 28 December 2018 in Software Development • 2 min read

Recently I was researching into ways to more efficiently and effectively distribute software and I stumbled across containerization of applications. Containerization of application is when an application is run on an OS-level virtualization without spinning up an entire virtual machine for the application.

Previously the way I had been distributing …

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