Episode 7 – Planning

Posted on Fri 04 January 2019 in Principles • 2 min read

With 2018 coming to an end, we welcome in the new year with the first episode of Code Fridays for 2018. Continuing with the theme of things starting a new, this episode is dedicated to a major factor or stage in any type of development, planning.

Planning is one of the most crucial steps when beginning to tackle a project or even a problem. One of the most effective ways to deal with a problem coming from a time or financial perspective is prevention of the problem. By considering what problems may arise in a project’s lifetime, the developer or designer can implement prevention before the problem comes to fruition.

Being an effective planner can help you in all walks of life. Not only can one just plan for problems that may arise in a project, one can also plan to educate themselves with the knowledge to tackle unforeseen problems within a project.

With an entire new year ahead of us all, I’d like to plan on what I’d like to learn in 2019 and in turn share what I learn with you all through this blog.

  • Containerization – integrating containerization as mentioned in Episode 6 into projects
  • Javascript – javascript is still an enigma to me at this point, I plan to work on beginner projects and hopefully integrate some of them to enhance this website
  • Developing, deploying and maintaining an Android Application – I am currently midway through developing an Android application, in future episodes I will write tutorials on how to develop certain elements with an Android application to make it more interactive
  • Big Data tools – Apache arrow and Hadoop are also new to me at this point, hoping to integrate these elements into projects that I’m currently working on

This is only just a small taste of what I am planning to cover at the very least on my weekly updates in this blog so stay tuned throughout the whole year!