Lessons Learnt After 100 Blog Posts

Posted by Jack McKew on Wed 10 May 2023 in Principles • Tagged with habits, principles • 3 min read

This post is dedicated to my late partner Jackie, who I absolutely couldn't of done any part of this blog without. Life will never be the same without you, but I'm trying to make the most of every day for the both of us.

If you're reading this, this is …

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Python Project Workflow

Posted by Jack McKew on Fri 30 August 2019 in Python • Tagged with python • 5 min read

This post will go through my personal preference on project structure and workflow for creating a new project and an insight how I work on my projects from a development point of view. I will go from the very start as if I did not have Python/Git installed on …

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Episode 7 – Planning

Posted by Jack McKew on Fri 04 January 2019 in Principles • 2 min read

With 2018 coming to an end, we welcome in the new year with the first episode of Code Fridays for 2018. Continuing with the theme of things starting a new, this episode is dedicated to a major factor or stage in any type of development, planning.

Planning is one of …

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Episode 3 - Open Mind

Posted by Jack McKew on Fri 07 December 2018 in Python • Tagged with database, selfimprovement • 1 min read

While it always may seem to be easiest to keep using what you've always used in the past, sometimes it pays off to keep an open mind about how you approach problems.

Recently was asked to create a database with minute interval data from 600-700 data recording stations for up …

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