Experienced senior software and data engineer specializing in geospatial data.

Proficient in software engineering, control systems development, and buildings design/construction.

Skilled in interactive data science and visualization, full stack development (desktop and web), and technical writing.

Strong track record of collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to design, develop, and integrate software solutions that enhance efficiency, quality, and safety while minimizing human error.

Always looking to meet new people & help let computers do the hard work for you.

Curriculum Vitae

Honour's Thesis: "In Home Appliance Scheduler Using Home Area Network"


My CV and honours thesis are linked below (PDF download). My professional experience thus far is:

  • 2020 - Now Founder & Principal Consultant at Cyberlytica
    • Freelance digital services company specialising in data services.
    • Services include data analytics, visualisation & automation.
    • Full stack development, packaging and distribution of solutions.
  • 2020 - Now Senior Software/Data Engineer at Deckee
    • Responsible for delivering full stack data analytics, visualisation and automation of waterway & app usage.
    • Delivered key features for keeping boaters safe on the water including: alerts, weather warnings, map tile servers, automated log books, on the water detection and log on log off.
    • Designed, developed and delivered a search and rescue platform solution with a successful real world trial in Western Australia.
    • Pioneered new methodologies to capture and analyse user behaviour through phone sensors to guide government bodies to keep their communities informed on the water.
    • Tools: Nodejs, React, Python, git, Docker, AWS, Cordova, Capacitor
  • 2022 Senior Software Engineer at Arrowtail
    • Responsible for integrating Arrowtail’s explosive delivery capture app with on-site inventory management.
    • Tools: Python, FastAPI, RabbitMQ, git, Docker, Azure
  • 2017 - 2020 Electrical Engineer at AECOM
    • Development of scientific computing software for environmental data sets.
    • Saved approximately 900 working hours through automation.
    • Pioneered and lead an Australia wide Microsoft Excel training session.
    • Lighting design, lightning protection system design, PLC network design.
    • Reticulation design, switchboard & switch room design.
    • Construction support for defence & education projects and site inspections.
    • Electrical drafting in AutoCAD and Revit.
    • Tools: Python, git, VBA, AutoCAD, Revit, MySQL, Plotly, Bokeh, Pandas
  • 2016 - 2018 Undergraduate Electrical Engineer at Hunter H2O
    • PLC, SCADA & HMI design for water network infrastructure.
    • Telemetry system & radio network design.
    • Cable schedules & electrical protection schemes.
    • Tools: Python, SCADAPack Workbench, ViewX, Unity Pro
  • 2014 - 2018 Timber Expert & Forklift Operator at Bunnings Warehouse
    • Used safety procedures to reduce risk within an unrestricted workzone.
    • Detailed advice to customers on building materials & techniques.
    • Customer service, cashier, in store loss prevention.

Previous Projects

Air Quality Toolkit

AECOM Internal

  • Developed, packaged and distributed software to automate tasks reducing a week long task to seconds.
  • Developed re-sampling tooling such that high frequency atmospheric data can be used in models.
  • Built interactive data visualisation tooling to communicate data with clients.
  • Responsibilities: Full stack development, packaging, distribution

Vulnerability Mapping Tool

Hunter Joint Organisation By utilising statistical data and region-specific data, Jack was able to develop software that determines the vulnerability of communities. By visualising this data in an online, interactive form, this was then distributed to the relevant councils to assist in disaster relief planning.

  • Automated GIS analysis to model vulnerability of communities to natural disasters, saving time and enhancing reproducibility.
  • Compiled various sources of statistical and functional information to model vulnerability.
  • Developed interactive visualisation to assist data driven decision making.
  • Responsibilities: Statistical analysis, automated GIS, data visualisation

Mental Health Asset Condition Assessments

Victoria Health

  • Worked a part of a multidisciplinary team to audit active mental health wards across Victoria to allow the government to make data driven decisions on maintenance and upgrades.
  • Responsibilities: Building services (electrical \& fire) audits, data automation

Honeysuckle Campus Development

University of Newcastle Honeysuckle Campus

Jack is part of a multidisciplinary team undertaking the design of the new UoN 1A building in the new Honeysuckle campus. This includes lighting, power, communications, dry fire, mechanical, structural and hydraulics. Jack is responsible for providing electrical engineering support during the design phase of this project

  • Delivered electrical designs & drafting work in a multidisciplinary team for the new UoN 1A building in the new Honeysuckle campus.
  • Worked a part of a multidisciplinary team undertaking the design of the new UoN 1A building in the new Honeysuckle campus.
  • Responsibilities: Lighting design, electrical design \& electrical drafting in Revit

In Home Appliance Scheduler Using Home Area Network

Engineering Thesis

  • Designed, developed and constructed a home area network capable of monitoring and controlling appliances in accordance with an optimized schedule.
  • Responsibilities: Embedded development, networking, databases, algorithm design, technical writing, data analysis, Android app development