Efficient Frontier for Balancing Portfolios

Posted by Jack McKew on Fri 26 April 2019 in Python • Tagged with python, data, analysis • 5 min read

Following last 2 weeks’ posts (Python for the Finance Industry & Portfolio Balancing with Historical Stock Data), we now know how to extract historical records on stock information from the ASX through an API, present it in a graph using matplotlib, and how to balance a portfolio using randomly generated portfolios …

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Episode 4 - Visualization

Posted by Jack McKew on Fri 14 December 2018 in Python • Tagged with data, visualization • 1 min read

In an ever growing world of data, every person perceives data in their own personalized way. This calls for data analysis to be visualized in a clear straightforward way so that it is accessible by anyone may come into contact with the system.

By further making the data analysis system …

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Episode 2 - Kew-It

Posted by Jack McKew on Fri 30 November 2018 in Engineering • Tagged with data, thesis • 1 min read

Yesterday, I submitted my Electrical Engineering honours thesis.

My project consisted of creating a hardware/software solution to schedule appliances in home to minimize energy costs through time of use pricing.

The hardware is a "black box" that monitors power usage of appliances and logs this data through Wi-Fi to …

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Episode 1 - Optimization

Posted by Jack McKew on Fri 23 November 2018 in Python • Tagged with data, analysis • 1 min read

Recently I had to opportunity to optimize some workflows that involved heavy data processing, before the users were completing calculations/statistics by hand on up to 10 million rows in Excel, causing many complications (and crashes).

With the use of Python this data analysis has been reduced to a matter …

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